The Story of Illicit Kitty.

Tony Buscemi loves music. He has loved it his whole life. He spent some years traveling almost weekly to Nashville to take classes and learn the business, knowing that while Nashville wasn't "his" market, there could be no better mentors and role models than the true titans of songwriting he met there regularly: Don Pfrimmer, Jeffrey Steele, and the great Loretta Lynn, among others.

Tony could have followed his ambitions to New York and L.A., and indeed visits those cities regularly, but always kept his feet firmly in Columbus, Ohio. Several well-received but ultimately unfruitful musical successes--songs optioned by superstars languishing in the hopper, local bands destroyed from within-- only steeled Tony's determination to go all the way or die trying, proverbially speaking. Always learning, always growing, always thinking, "Next time..."

Spending some fallow months, just ruminating and conceiving a vision, Tony thought about what sort of project he really wanted. Teased out bit by bit was a vision of beauty, sumptuous sensuality, and glorious excess. He wanted to create music and spectacle that would drive people to righteous hedonism. He wanted to play music that would make people want to go home and screw.

Thus was born Illicit Kitty. An exercise in sexy aggressive rock, the creation of a spectacle from which no audience can rip its eyes. Assembling a coterie of musicians with amazing talent, serious charisma, and the good looks and good sense required to be taken seriously became the first order of business. John Buscemi on bass, in his first commercial endeavor, came aboard early. His bass is rich and fat and sexy, while his mysterious good looks intrigue the ladies. Bryan Holton, a true veteran of Columbus music, formerly of Semisextile, was also an early addition to the Illicit Kitty lineup. A creative force of aggressive percussion, Bryan gives something few other drummers can: good show. His energy and charisma enliven the back of the stage in a manner rarely seen in contemporary rock music. Illicit Kitty's guitarist, Nick Federinko, is young, but on his way to true rock and roll virtuosity. An encyclopedic knowledge of all genres of music and a certain something that brings all the ladies to the edge of the stage make Nick a real find. And out front, Kimberly.

Kimberly Barr, so stunningly gorgeous and sexy that men do literal triple-takes of her in the streets. She fronts Illicit Kitty with a force of galactic proportions. A woman so beautifully, strikingly feline that few believe she is also smart, good, and kind. Kimberly's voice soars as high as her hemlines and she hold notes out as long as her legs. Her dusky exotic beauty is the least of her qualities next to a voice of such a sweetness and power as to rival that of any woman on your radio today. And she, too, gives good show, dancing and teasing her guests, flirting with and commanding her audience like a beacon.

These amazing talents, joined of course by Tony's impeccable keys and darkly handsome self, create something even greater than the sum of its parts. The music, lyrics, musicianship, showmanship, charisma, and sheer synergy created by the confluence of these people at this time and this place on this project, is the stuff of dreams. Illicit Kitty is sexy aggressive rock. Sexy: full of beauty, sensuality, and it really turns you on. Aggressive:brooking no refusals, demanding your attention and fearing no reprisals. Rock: as in, your world...your socks off, hell, your pants off.